Virtual Campus Tours
and Interactive Campus Maps
allow Students and Families to Find the Right College or University.

There are many options out there when looking at which college or university you should attend.

While location, degrees offered, size and reputation are critical factors in making your decision. For many students, a virtual tour marks the starting point of their college search, and it can help make the decision-making process more accessible and more informative. Finding the right fit and feel in a school can make the difference between a good experience and a great college experience.

University Tours provides you with hundreds of colleges and universities access to their virtual tours, 360 virtual reality (VR) tours, and interactive campus maps to make your college search more manageable and more interactive. Any school can provide you with a picture of the quad with a few students or a carousel of some of their buildings but to get an authentic feel for a college campus, you need more of an immersive experience.

Virtual Campus Tours

combines videos and photos of the college campus that allows the viewer to virtually walk through the campus and buildings.

360 Virtual Reality (VR) Campus Tours

are a three-dimensional, computer-generated environment that can be explored and interactive.

VR can teleport you anywhere, helping you learn about different places and ideas by experiencing them as if you were actually there. Special goggles, also called VR headsets, are placed over the eyes and fully immerse you in the virtual environment, creating a realistic experience in the simulation.

Interactive Campus Maps

utilize maps to allow for zooming in and out, panning around, identifying specific features, The ability to create layers of information that can be shown or hidden at the click of a button. The addition of text boxes to points of interest show up when clicked to give a quick summary or description of that location or feature.

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